Aircraft Sales

We are a small, family-owned business with extensive professional experience as the sole Air Tractor dealer in the Southeastern United States. We have worldwide sales experience and can provide personal attention to every customer.

We can assist you with the purchase or lease of a new or used Air Tractor that will fit your needs and budget.

All late model aircraft sold by Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service will have a New Annual Inspection, Fresh Hot Section, and a 100 Hour or 90 Day Warranty.

2015 AT502B-3024 N3076W – 34AG

300 Hrs. approx. TT A&E since new, Satloc Bantam with Inrelliflow, 170 gal. fuel, cockpit heater, A/C, Lane electric brake and fan, 3″ bottom load, S/S camlocs, S/S spray valve, RCA attitude gyro. P&W Extended warranty.

$745,000     Spec Sheet (pdf)

1999 AT502B-0580 N90375 PT6-34AG

8130.0 Hrs TT A & E. 1259.0 Hrs since light O/H. 1259.0 Hrs since new spar caps, fuselage refurb and all engine accessories overhauled. Factory air, Lane electric brake & fan, Satloc Bantam with G4 screen, CP nozzles, s/s camlocs, Garmin GTZ-335 with altitude encoder, Wingman, hopper rinse, smoker, 3” bottom load, factory drop booms.

$475,000     Spec Sheet (pdf)

2012 AT602-1216 N2061L -60AG

2919 Hrs. T.T. A & E since new, Satloc Bantam with G4 screen, comm radio, Transponder, Lane electric brake and fan, S/S T/W deflector, factory heat & air, drop booms.

$795,000     Spec Sheet (pdf)

2017 AT802-0702 N977RM PT6-65AG 2 Seat

Ferry time only. Satloc Bantam with Intelliflow & G4 Screen, single point fuel, CP-11 nozzles, 308 gal. fuel, smoker, Garmin 225 com PM-024, Garmin GTX 327 transponder, Antennas, Bose jack. Ready to work!


2007 AT802A-0259 N2465D -67AG

4986 Hrs. T.T. A & E since new, Satloc Bantam, radio pkg, smoker, electric fan brake, Fast Start, dual A/C cond., new landing gear, factory heat & air, fresh hot and annual, T.T. since gearbox and light O/H 2390.1 Hrs.

$795,000     Spec Sheet (pdf)

1999 AT802A-0089 N804DG -67AG

7910 Hrs. T.T. , New spar caps and landing gear. Extensive re-work and new paint at Air Tractor factory. Kawak hyd. Spray system, Satloc M3, Wingman, Auto-Cal, 254 gal. fuel, 2913 Hrs. since IRAN by Northstar Turbine, 95 Hrs. since H.S.I. by Prime Turbine, 0 Hrs. prop O/H.

$650,000     Spec Sheet (pdf)